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Audiav's reference furniture designs employ infinitely adjustable shelving and a modular rack frame that allows you to accommodate any equipment. Unique stand features permit you to add / remove shelving anytime your system needs change. Precision 8-way upright modular posts allow you to connect additional racking to create larger credenzas, TV stands & entertainment centers… or to hold your new monstrous 400lb power amp. Audiav's advanced anti-vibration platforms also yield the ultimate in turntable isolation. 



Audiav's revolutionary a/v furniture and audio
 stand designs blend the multitude of sought-after advancements into one infinitely adjustable and massively strong racking system. Audiav allows trade-ins, upgrades and add-ons and is designed to be the last rack you will ever have to purchase.

Las Vegas CES 

Nothing else comes close...

Thoughtfully engineered by leading German, Italian and American innovation sectors, Audiav's stands are made to be the absolute reference platforms for all large, heavy, precision and sensitive a/v equipment... offering 19-stage anti-vibration, full interference blocking, magnetically shielded, expandable and modular customizable designs.

Testimonials / Reviews:

"The best racks ever made. I spent the better part of two years searching for a rack that was large and strong enough. I found my new rack. Build quality & tolerances were simply amazing. Audiav racks offer infinite flexibility & a multitude of upgrade options in shelving and even EMF blocking by magnetically shielding the shelves."

"Thanks for the best rack I've ever found!"  
Dr. Ken Taraszka - Associate Editor - AVRev, Modern Home Theater Magazine


"I am loving the rack. My gear looks awesome in it. Great rack, very sturdy & well constructed!"
Gene DellaSala HAA - President Audioholics - Audio Engineering Society

"All I can say is Wow!… sonic artifacts are gone and long forgotten."
Dave Clark - President Positive Feedback Online

"The platforms revealed a new stunning reproduction in the soundstage. Much, much more audio detail from the same 'ol equipment. Very, very happy. Thanks." 
Ron, C.A.

"They claim that they design nothing less than the true & absolute benchmark for all serious high-end audio racks and I certainly agree. Much better than I've seen available anywhere at any price. It was nearly half the cost of my second choice & certainly blew it away in sound quality. Completely overjoyed!" 
Mike, N.Y.

"I spent a great deal of time studying many other custom rack companies and none could come anywhere close to the ideal combination of aesthetics, function, and value. I was blown away by the service and product" 
S.K., A.R.

"The work done by Audiav is simply impeccable. Everyone who has seen it has been impressed. I would recommend them to anyone who is a serious audiophile & also wants good furniture."
Dr. P.D., N.Y.

"My new Audiav rack made my other 'ultra-high-end' rack look like a toy! Made my old *** look like junk setting next to the Crystal. The design and overall finish was actually much higher quality than my greatest expectation. An absolute perfect match with my equipment! The best sounding platforms I've heard, an expandable frame, and unbelievable packaging." 
Ed, C.O.

"This is the most amazing rack I have ever seen and it totally kills in terms of construction / materials anything I've ever seen from HRS, Grand Prix and Finite Elemente. I had three audiophiles over this evening to have a listen before heading out to dinner and they all loved the look and construction of the rack. They especially commented on the excellent sound, finish and the shelves. The finish is superb and looks a million bucks, with the large chunky legs and the polished granite!"
V. K., AUS

The same legendary products that were once only available to the most discerning celebrities and elite clientèle... is now available directly to you in your unique custom specified design...

Acclaimed throughout the civilized world, Audiav's Signature shelf platforms are multi-layered; offering patented shielding, shock absorption, extreme isolation, high-mass damping, and precisely fabricated element plates, which come together to yield a truly perfect audio / video platform. Signature Shelving reduces thermal and magnetic interference*, EMI/RFI induction, HF radiation, vibration, and ESD in precise combinations for true-to-life scenarios.

Your audio racks and stands should be more than something that simply holds up your equipment... it should also conform to your future needs by allowing for changes in configuration and equipment heights. Our a/v rack designs utilize a patented sliding cam locking system that allows for infinite adjustment without welded, screwed or fixed frame points.

Our uniquely advanced, rigid frame also lets you add, height adjust and remove shelving as your needs or system changes. 

Don't settle for cheap T-slot aluminum racking that looks better in a machine shop than in your home. Audiav's competitor's have attempted to mimic all aspects of our unique designs for over a decade.

“Audiav is utterly unique... it is fully adjustable and configurable and holds the heaviest gear while completely revolutionizing "easy setup". The revolutionary, advanced shielded platforms offer complete isolation that can be actually felt at real world levels and increases sound quality throughput of housed components. Vibration and crosstalk were absent from all tests. With such unique platforms and a modular type framework built for re-arranging and providing simple shelf adjustments, no competitor comes remotely close."

Audiav spent a decade pouring over the smallest details of making a truly great audio stand, one worthy of creating a lifestyle... We understand that it takes more than weld points, hard spiked connections, bolts or screwed-in shelves to address the vibrations, interference, heat and overall size of many high-end equipment components. 

Audiav has addressed every known isolation concern in performance home audio & video furniture in one perfect system. High-end, high-current electronics create larger inductive fields. There has never been a commercial a/v racking system made that offers advancements to properly combat the real world environmental forces that disrupt clean signal processing while incorporating flexibility in adjustment and configuration…. until Audiav.

We have addressed and relieved every known concern in performance home audio & video furniture in one easy system. We designed unique, platform-to-platform-to-frame isolation platform slabs around a strong and flexible frame.

"Many a/v furniture manufacturers claim that they "decouple" using spikes, suspension or some other magical solid-to-solid connection. Claims of this bogus nature completely mislead the consumer and the industry as a whole. Shelf spikes and other mass on mass loaded "hard" surfaces are used for coupling... creating a bond for vibration to follow."

Don't settle for inferior "patent pending" or "patent applied" products. Most of these companies will never be approved, as they have no actual technological advancement or clear scientific based design uniqueness. Audiav designs implement over a dozen worldwide approved patents, fabricated and created by the top of the field designers in several countries.

Research… Innovate… Research More… Audiav Audio Furniture Rack Design.

"Since Audiav pioneered nearly every advancement in the "uber-performance" audio rack & stand industry over the past decade, it is no wonder why many of Audiav's retired concepts have spun off several companies claiming "something new" when experimenting with carbon fiber, granite, adjustability, modular systems, polyacrylics, viscoelastic materials, asphalt, quartz, anti-vibration, anti-resonant composites and exotic equipment shielding concepts."

Most competitors in the marketplace today use actual concepts that were stolen, abandoned or deemed improper to adhere to true & stringent reference design principles that Audiav created a decade ago."

Our customers know we design the most advanced audio racks, video stands and entertainment furniture... but we will let you decide for yourself.

To learn more about the World's finest audio rack, premium audio furniture design, custom designed audio furniture, high-end audio racks, stands, and our advanced world-reference Signature Shelving.

   Audiav started as a "really, really big idea" an avid designer stepped back and noticed something odd; listening rooms were filled with a/v components, sprawled throughout the floors, taking up massive amounts of space. When he asked why the floors were filled with equipment that should normally be in a rack, he was told that there were many reasons why a suitable "rack" didn't exist; the amps were so tall or heavy that they couldn't fit in standard racks, the components generate so much heat that the standard rack materials were inadequate, multiple types of interference types between the components stacked closely together was wholly unacceptable, localized vibration sources made isolation nearly impossible and finally; that high-end furniture manufacturers could not solve the issue of how to combine all of the (above mentioned) elements and maintain aesthetic appeal. 

    In a true moment of epic clarity, the proverbial "light bulb" turned "on" and the relentless quest for the absolute "perfect" racking method painstakingly began. In their search to design the revolutionary a/v furniture system, Audiav scoured the globe pulling expertise from U.S. Defense military vendors, military, aerospace, racing and metallurgic engineering / prototype fabrication sectors while bonding with top researchers and the highest-profile designers in Germany, Italy, and the United States. 

    In the 1990's Audiav was aptly dubbed the World's most expensive and most exotic audio furniture rack stand ever designed. Cost of production with the newly developed 18kt Gold Genuine and the 6063 T6 virgin billet designed Diamond Series designs were not obtainable by 99% of audio enthusiasts.

    Audiav set out to build the absolute, no-hype needed type of system that addressed ALL of the top 20 needs in the daily life of the true a/v enthusiast / aficionado.  Audiav utilized a decade of customer research to emerge as the quintessential reference audio furniture designer, uniquely blending customizable art into a perfectly functional design. 

   Our design teams stretch across the globe and have since been designing truly unique reference a/v furniture at lower and lower price points for some of the world's most luxurious residences in Paris, Aspen, LA, and New York; while also catering to the many, many suburbanite's underground "basement" audio shrines around the world. 

   Audiav offers a firm distinction in strict reference esoteric audio styling by using new unmatched build tolerances and innovative modern design. Our precision designed luxury furniture addresses all the needs of performance a/v display furniture, including: interference shielding, superb anti-resonance w/ jitter resistance, massive weight handling, heat dissipation, decor matching, EMF block, Granite slabs, easy setup and complete compatibility with all known home audio and video components.

   Complex external elements constantly bombard your delicate DSP's, components and signal processing pathways from other surrounding electrical components. Shock, motion, interference, induction and jitter can also affect electronics visually and sonic-ly. Our meticulously designed products pay proper attention to the spacing and materials that are used to reduce outside variables and allow your equipment to perform as it was designed. 
    We think that a 'no compromise' audio furniture solution is exactly what your delicate equipment deserves... and, fondly dreams of. 

    With adjustable designs to hold anything from two (2) Krell Master Reference Amplifiers MRA (tm)* to dozens of assorted audio components... our customizable furniture is among the most versatile audio video furniture available anywhere in the world & can always be custom designed to your exact specifications.

Audiav furniture was designed for the most important skeptic... You.

Research… Innovate… Research More… Audiav Furniture Design. 

You and your equipment deserve the absolute finest. 

   Audiav has designed the world’s only true reference a/v furniture just for you, your unique home and your sensitive, precision equipment. Our revolutionary and innovative designs come from a multi-national German, Italian & American collaborative of fabrication, engineering & development coupled with decades of consumer research. Our products have been meticulously created and crafted by the exacting needs of the true enthusiast. 

   We provide the perfect furniture solution to the problems faced by all consumers, designers and equipment manufacturers working with large and heavy equipment around the globe. We justly pride ourselves in bringing an infinitely compatible, expandable, coordinated & shielded furniture line to the publicly available marketplace. Audiav furniture is the true benchmark; the industry’s absolute reference. 

   We understand that equipment platforms should not only be 100% compatible, but also allow your equipment to perform as it was designed by the manufacturer; without damaging interference, magnetic, vibration or thermal disturbance. 

   We’ve investigated, gathered, recorded, reviewed & over-analyzed all relevant data available to make the world’s first and finest reference audio video furniture. We completely understand you, your desires and unique needs. We invite you to compare our long list of innovative & competitive technology design principles and think you will agree that Audiav is the world’s quintessential engineer of premium equipment furniture... the absolute reference… After all, you helped design it. 

Inherent design features listed below:

  • The most expandable and versatile audio video display furniture on the planet. 
  • Modular Diamond, Crystal & Zirconia Series designs attach for larger systems. 
  • Layered  Audiav Signature Shelving.
  • Optional internal EMF/Magnetic Gauss Shielding for Signature Shelving. 
  • Aeronautical grade lightweight framework and side/support system. 
  • Advanced multiple wire management system completely separates wire groups.
  • Shelf weight-loaded design reduces resonance, vibrations & jitter. 
  • Sand, insulation or shot fillable uprights yield dampening options. 
  • Signature hand-layered Composite or polished Granite top options.
  • User-defined infinitely adjustable vertical component shelf platform spacing. 
  • Massive weight capability options per infinitely adjustable shelving platform.
  • Completely adjustable & collapsible in seconds allowing for easy relocation. 
  • Side expansion modules for entertainment system & horizontal displays.
  • Add & remove shelf platforms as needs or new audio/video formats progress. 
  • Inherent 'Child-resistant', 'Pet-resistant' and 'Future proof' configurations. 
  • Low durometer, selectable shelf platform decoupled plane-to-frame support. 
  • Designer styling with optional décor matching exotic fascia inserts. 
  • Open side panels for thermal heat dissipation and access to changes in setup. 
  • Matching Side Kits allow for custom boxed appearance with full ventilation. 
  • Specially engineered air circulation pathways keep enclosed equipment cool. 
  • Exquisite jewel embedded 18/8 SS mounted logo name badge.*
  • Active / passive, chassis / Earth grounding post topology. 
  • No screws or loose bolts for a simple and quick assembly. 
  • Completely custom styles, sizes and configuration available. 

To learn more about the World's finest audio rack, premium audio furniture design, custom designed audio furniture, high-end audio racks, stands and our advanced world reference Signature Shelving,


Audiav is the world's foremost designer of specialty furniture for sensitive audio and video equipment. Turntable isolation platform designs. Racking for source equipment. Specialty audio furniture, component furniture, tv stands, audio racks and high-tech furniture. 

Our furniture is designed for the serious audio enthusiast. Audiav's component racks and stands offers strong advantages over basic furniture. We can accommodate any number of entertainment components, including flat panel plasma, DLP or LCD designs. Expand your system anytime with emerging formats and vintage equipment like turntables and radios or newer pieces like mp3 players, gaming consoles, dvd and pvr equipment. 

We have designed for top reference pieces including Krell, Mark Levinson, MBL, Redpoint, TW Acustic, Basis, Balanced Audio Technology, Theta Digital, Halcro, Moon, Walker, Pass Labs, Classe, McIntosh, Meridian, T+A, Lexicon, PS Audio, Tri, Linn, Naim, Denon, Boulder, Redpoint Turntables, Rotel, Manley and many others. Read to learn about our high-tech, reference audio products for large amplifiers and reference av component equipment.